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Circle High Pressure Hand Shower (2 Functions)


$ 27.95

2 different jet types:
a) Misty: Ultra-fine water droplets gently caressing your whole body throughout your relaxing quiet shower
b) Rain: Powerful yet comforting, perfect to rinse shampoo out of your hair

Your prefered jet type can be selected easily by toggling the shower head from one end to the other.

Many satisfied clienteles especially those staying at high rises e.g. The Pinnacle @ Duxton because water pressure remains high when using A.Circle high pressure hand shower

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  • Shann L- 08. 11 . 2018

    I live in a high rise hdb where the water pressure is extremely low. I bought this to try and I was pleasantly surprised how strong the jets were. The shower head is 2-faced - one side provides strong straight jets, the opposite site provides bubbly misty jets. Can toggle the shower head to select between the 2 faces. My kids love the bubbly jets. Highly recommended. At this price it is super value for money. Don't need to splurge on a Grohe for the same experience.

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Circle High Pressure Hand Shower (2 Functions)

Circle High Pressure Hand Shower (2 Functions)