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Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner


$ 13.50

Product of Singapore.

Ozone free and no CFC.

Tested and proven effective by PSB against Legionnaires' disease.

Eliminate mold, pollen, dirt, slime and other built-up that are harmful to heath or cause allergies.

Prevent bacterial and viral cross infections. 

Kill germs, viruses and rids odors. 

  • Cheryl Chan- 24. 12 . 2018

    I used to pay for an aircon servicing company to clean my air conditioner. Then my friend recommended me to try this product and do the cleaning myself. This cleaning spray does a very effective job cleaning the fan blades and cooling fins, which are otherwise really difficult to clean. It takes just 5minutes! After using this product, I am able to achieve ideal cooling with a 29 degree setting. I stopped paying for the aircon servicing company. I am sure my electricity bills came down too.

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Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner

Jackie Air Conditioner Cleaner