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DHES Dome Standard Aluminium Blind Rivet With Steel Stem Front Cover

Commonly referred to as "pop" rivets, standard domed head blind rivets are used when access to only one side of the workpiece is possible


  • Rivet: Aluminium
  • Stem: Steel


  • Dome Head: The head of the rivet is rounded or domed, which provides a neat finish and it is the most common head style for blind rivets
  • One-Sided Installation: Like all blind rivets, the dome standard blind rivet can be installed from one side of the workpiece, making it ideal for closed or limited-access areas
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of applications in different industries, including automotive, aerospace, furniture and more
  • Strong Joints: Once set, domed head blind rivets offer strong, vibration-resistant joints
  • Pre-Assembled: Dome standard blind rivets come pre-assembled with a mandrel, which helps with the rivet's installation and expansion
  • Simple Installation: Requires a riveting tool or gun to pull the mandrel, which causes the rivet to expand and clamp the materials together
  • Different Sizes: They come in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different material thicknesses and hole