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Horobin Riveted Drain Rod And Heavy Duty Rubber Plunger Made In England 41011 11311 Front Cover

Professional plumbing tools used in clearing blockages in household drains and sewer lines

Country of origin: England

Each basic set comprises of:

  • 1x Drain rod (Rod length: 122cm; Outer diameter Ø: 19mm)
  • 1x Universal heavy duty drain plunger (Outer diameter Ø: 10cm)

Horobin Drain rod

  • Material: Made of polypropylene, ensuring they are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of clearing blockages
  • Length: Typically available in sections, each section can be about 1.2 meter in length, allowing them to reach deep into drains
  • Flexibility: High level of flexibility to navigate the bends and turns in drains
  • Ferrules: Universal brass threaded ends, allowing them to be screwed together to extend their overall length by multiples of 1.2m and to attach various tools, like plungers or scrapers

Horobin Rubber Plunger

  • Durable Material: Made of high-quality rubber to ensure longevity and effectiveness
  • Efficient Design: Design to create an effective seal on various surfaces, ensuring efficient blockage clearing
  • Threaded Attachment: To securely connect to Horobin drain rods only
  • Sizing: The outer diameter is about 10cm, designed to create an effective seal against the drain or pipe opening
  • Ergonomic Design: Make it easier for users to handle and apply the necessary force effectively
  • Flexibility: The rubber used offers a balance between flexibility to create a seal and rigidity to exert force on blockages

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Horobin Riveted Drain Rod And Rubber Plunger Made In England 41011 11311

PriceFrom $19.95
  • Add-On

    • Additional original Horobin drain rod(s) can be purchased and added on to extend the overall rod length further by multiples of 1.2m
  • Horobin product introduction and selection guide

    Check out the YouTube video on how to select and use Horobin products to resolve the various plumbing or drain blockage issues effectively and efficiently