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Hoyo 2-Pin Extension Cord 3m Power Cable w Safety Shutter and LED Indicator

Built-in safety shutters, on/off switch and LED indicator light can enhance safety, convenience and reduce your electricity bills

  • Color: Standard white
  • Power cable length: 3m
  • Ampere: 5A
  • Voltage: 250V A.C
  • Surge protection: No
  • On/Off switch: Yes
  • Safety shutters: Yes
  • Material of construction: Fire-retardant type


  • Safety and Convenience: Having an on/off switch on the extension cord makes it easy to power down multiple devices or appliances simultaneously. Provides an additional layer of safety by allowing you to quickly disconnect power in case of an emergency or if you need to shut down devices in a hurry
  • Energy Savings: Turning off the on/off switch when devices are not in use cuts the power completely, helps conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill
  • Power Status: When the extension cord is properly connected and receiving power from the outlet, the LED indicator will be illuminated, indicating that the cord is active and ready for use
  • Protection Against Electrical Accidents: Safety shutters are designed to block access to the electrical contacts within an outlet, ensuring that only when a plug is properly inserted into both slots will the shutters open, allowing electrical connectivity. This prevents fingers, foreign objects, or conductive materials from coming into contact with the live electrical components, reducing the risk of electrical shock or short circuits

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Hoyo 2-Pin Extension Cord 3m Power Cable w Safety Shutter and LED Indicator

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