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Newton Invent Armoured Padlock Non-Key Retaining Anti-Drill Anti-Cut SL6602 Front Cover
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Designed for HDB front metal gates, shutters, doors
  • Anti-drill and anti-cut chrome plated thick case-hardened steel main armour (2.5mm) and side armour (1.0mm)
  • Ball type locking mechanism with non-key retaining technology (able to remove key when padlock is in OPEN position)
  • Solid forged brass body
  • Supplied with 4 computer 13-pin keys and 1 metal chain (chain length and diameter are 30cm and 2.5mm respectively)

Anti-Rust Padlock Holder (Optional Add-On)

  • Designed specifically for Newton Invent padlock
  • Once the holder is mounted onto the metal gate, the use of metal padlock chain becomes optional
  • From safety perspective, the padlock will no longer be dangling; this minimizes the risk of the metal chain giving way which causes the padlock to free fall and hit someone

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Newton Invents Armoured Padlock Non-Key Retaining Anti-Drill Anti-Cut 6602

PriceFrom $68.95
  • Key Duplication

    • OEM key blanks are used for key duplication
    • Duplicated keys are guaranteed to work i.e. able to open & lock the Singlock padlock
    • Duplicated key(s) cannot be refunded