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RJ London Glue 66 Synthetic Rubber Neoprene Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Renowned for its versatility in bonding a variety of materials

  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Volume: 100ml, 300ml and 600ml


  • Strong Bonding: Creates a robust bond that can handle a good deal of stress, making it suitable for many applications
  • Versatility: Can bond a wide range of materials, including rubber, leather, wood, metal, and some plastics
  • Temperature Resistance: Resistant to temperature fluctuations, making it durable in both hot and cold environments
  • Water Resistance: Once cured, offers good water resistance, which is why it's often used in applications where the bond might get wet, like in shoes or watercraft
  • Flexibility: Despite its strength, a bond formed retains a degree of flexibility, which can be crucial in applications like footwear where the bond needs to flex without breaking
  • Quick Setting: Set relatively quickly
  • Tolerance to Oils and Chemicals: Generally more resistant to oils, greases, and certain chemicals
  • Solvent-based: Can be thinned or cleaned up with specific solvents
  • High Initial Tack: Materials stick together quickly upon contact, although full strength may be achieved after a longer curing time

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RJ London Glue 66 Synthetic Rubber Neoprene Multi-Purpose Adhesive