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RJ London PP Primer Acrylic Spray Paint (300ml) Excellent Adhesion Fast-Drying Front Cover

Specially designed to bond effectively with polypropylene and similar plastics to ensure a durable, smooth, and long-lasting finish on surfaces that are often difficult to paint

Made in Indonesia
Volume: 300ml per can


  • Adhesion: Excellent adhesion properties, designed specifically to bond with polypropylene and similar plastic surfaces, which are generally difficult to paint due to their low surface energy
  • Durability: Once applied and cured, the paint can resist chipping, peeling, and fading, maintaining its appearance and integrity for a long time
  • Fast-Drying: Dries quickly, allowing for quicker application of subsequent paint layers or a faster completion of the painting project
  • Versatility: While designed for polypropylene, suitable for other hard-to-paint plastics as well
  • Priming Function: Prepares the plastic surface for further painting, ensuring better adhesion of the paint, and ultimately a better finish
  • Protective Layer: Provides an extra layer of protection to the plastic surface, protecting it from elements such as UV rays, moisture, and scratches
  • Ease of Application: Easy to apply, especially with the new 4-way spray head technology that allow for quick and even coverage over the surface
  • Environmentally Friendly: Lead free, ozone safe, no CFCs

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RJ London PP Primer Acrylic Spray Paint (300ml) Excellent Adhesion Fast-Drying