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Nara Luxurious Durable Acrylic Handle Dual Tap (Cold Water) 323 Front Cover

High-premium acrylic handle faucets have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their luxurious appearance and durable features. Considering both aesthetics and functionality, this Nara Acrylic Handle Faucet’s design complements the overall design theme of the space and that this faucet series meet all required functional needs


  • Approved by Singapore National Water Agency (PUB)
  • Water efficiency: Excellent (3 ticks)
  • Water consumption: 4.0 l/min
  • Metal toxicity test of fitting meets the requirements and compliance to AS/NZS 4020:2005 Appendix H
  • Extracted metal concentrations are below the maximum allowable specified by SS 375: 2015 Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
  • AS/NZS 4020:2005 For use in contact with drinking water (evaluated in accordance with WHO guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality)
  • Optional add-on: The OEM Acrylic handle is an optional add-on, designed to fit onto the Original Nara facuet ONLY


  • Handle Material: Incorporates the use of Acrylic for the faucet handle(s), a plastic material known for its clarity, light weight, and resistance to breakage; Acrylic gives the faucet a glossy, glass-like appearance that is both appealing and easy to maintain
  • Corrosion and Tarnish Resistant: Come with finishing that resist tarnishing and corrosion, thereby ensuring the faucet maintains its original shine and appearance for a long time
  • Clear and Transparent: The acrylic handle is transparent, offering a clean, minimalist look, ensuring they can fit into any bathroom and kitchen setting or match different interior design schemes
  • Smooth Operation: Offer smooth handle operation, allowing users to easily adjust the water flow and temperature
  • Easy to Clean: The non-porous nature of acrylic makes the faucet easy to clean; a simple wipe down with a damp cloth can remove most stains and keep the faucet looking new
  • Scratch Resistant: Come with a scratch-resistant surface, ensuring they remain pristine even with regular use
  • Water-Saving: Come with water-saving features, allowing users to consume less water without compromising on performance

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Nara Luxurious Durable Acrylic Handle Dual Tap (Cold Water) 323

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