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ADL Unparalleled 5-in-1 Function Matte Black Hydro Massage Shower Head Set 302BB Front Cover

Introducing ADL Innovative 5-in-1 Functions Shower Head for an unparalleled shower experience. Elevate your daily routine with the versatility of our advanced spray modes, designed for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Discover sophistication in every detail with matching Matte Black Shower Head Holder and PVC Reinforced Flexible Hose (120cm). Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with the sleek matte finish, while enjoying the durability and flexibility of our reinforced hose. Upgrade to a modern, stylish, and functional shower experience.


  • Saturating Spray: Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating downpour, enveloping you in a cascade of water for a truly indulgent shower experience
  • Massage Spray: Targeted and powerful, the massage spray option provides a therapeutic and soothing experience, relieving tension and promoting relaxation
  • Focused Spray: Delivers a steady and targeted stream of water droplets, providing a more intense and localized showering experience
  • Saturating and Massage Spray: Enjoy the perfect blend of invigorating massage jets and a saturating spray, creating a spa-like sensation in the comfort of your own shower
  • Saturating and Focused Spray: Enjoy the indulgence, enveloping you in a luxurious cascade of water for a soothing and immersive feel with a focused spray for a powerful and targeted stream, perfect for efficient rinsing and a revitalizing shower
  • Matte black finishing: Visually striking matte black coating is designed to resist fingerprints and smudges, maintaining its clean and polished look even with regular use

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ADL Unparalleled 5-in-1 Function Matte Black Hydro Massage Shower Head Set 302BB

SKU: 302BB