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DHES Pan Head Self Tapping Phillips Screw

Due to their low-profile head and aesthetic appeal, pan head screws are often used in applications where the screw head will be visible, such as in appliances, electronics, and machinery. Their design allows them to be used in tight spaces where a minimal protrusion is desired.

  • Country of origin: Taiwan
  • Metallurgy: Heat treated zinc carbon steel


  • Pan head shape: The head of a pan head screw is flat on the bottom and rounded on the top, resembling the shape of an upside-down frying pan. This design provides a low profile when installed, with a smooth, rounded top that doesn't protrude much above the material surface
  • Self-tapping: Designed to form its own threads in a pre-drilled hole in the material it is being fastened to via a sharp, pointed tip; such types of screws are useful for attaching objects to materials where the user might not be able to pre-thread a hole, like wood or plastic
  • Philips: Screw head with a cross shape and is designed to be used with a Phillips screwdriver

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DHES Pan Head Self Tapping Phillips Screw