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Horobin Riveted Drain Rod w Brass Universal Ferrules Made in England 11311 Front Cover

Country of origin: England

Professional plumbing tool used in conjunction with Horobin plumbing accessories e.g. rubber plunger, double worm fork, drop scraper, brush with stiff bristles to clear blockages, scrape the inner walls of pipes, and retrieve objects


  • Durable Material: Made of polypropylene, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance
  • Flexibility: While robust, Horobin drain rod possesses the necessary flexibility that allows them to navigate through the twists and turns of drainage systems without breaking
  • Sizing: The rod length and outer diameter are 120mm and 19mm respectively
  • Segmented Design: The Horobin drain rod is sold as individual segment; these segments can be screwed together, allowing the user to adjust the length (multiples of 1.2m) according to the depth and reach required for a particular job
  • Easy Storage: Being sectional, the Horobin rods can be easily disassembled for compact storage after use
  • Compatibility: Brass universal ferrules are designed to be compatible with Horobin’s range of tools like rubber plungers, drop scrapers, and double worm screws ONLY to ensure firm connection, work seamlessly and display best product performance while in use

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Horobin Riveted Drain Rod w Brass Universal Ferrules Made in England 11311

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