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Jebsen PVC Pipe Cement 500gm Crystal Clear High Bond Strength Fast Setting Front Cover

Design to bond PVC pipes and fitting, cable conduits and PVC articles

Country of origin: Malaysia
Weight: 500gm per can

Technical specifications:

  • Color: Crystal clear
  • Base: Thermoplastic polymer
  • Solvents: Blend of hydrocarbon solvents
  • Appearance: Liquid state
  • Non-volatile content (Total solids): 22.0 ± 1.0%
  • Viscosity @ Brookfield, 30 °C: 360cps – 400cps
  • Specific gravity, 30 °C: Tested to 0.90 ± 0.02 at 30 °C
  • Flammability: Contains solvents which are highly flammable


  • Chemical Reaction: Creates a chemical reaction that essentially fuses the PVC pieces together, the PVC surfaces are partially dissolved and merged into one piece as the PVC pipe cement dries and hardens
  • Fast Setting: Sets quite quickly, an important advantageous when working on a project but also requires precision as the user has little time to adjust once the pieces are joined. Generally, the joint is ready to handle pressure in 15 minutes to 2 hours, and for full strength loading, the recommendation is to wait for 24 hours
  • Waterproof: Once cured, PVC cement creates a waterproof seal, making it perfect for use in plumbing applications where the joined pipes will carry water
  • Strength: The bond created by PVC cement is extremely strong due to the chemical reaction that essentially turns the two pieces into one, making this connection highly durable
  • Application: Typically applied with a brush or dauber that's built into the lid of the cement can; it is recommended that both surfaces to be joined should be covered in cement
  • Preparation: Before applying PVC cement, it's usually recommended to clean and then apply a primer to the surfaces to be joined as the primer helps to soften the PVC and allows for a better bond

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Jebsen PVC Pipe Cement 500gm Crystal Clear High Bond Strength Fast Setting