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Renee OEM Cartridge Replacement Model #2.0
  • OEM Renee Tap Cartridge Replacement
  • Specially designed to fit into Original Renee taps only
  • For RIGHT FIRST TIME faulty cartridge replacement, use OEM accessory only

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Renee OEM Cartridge Replacement Model #2.0

SKU: RENCR020418
  • Installation Service

    • Kindly contact our friendly customer service to request for a quotation
  • Notes

    • We highly encourage you to contact our friendly DHES customer service first, especially if you are uncertain whether this is a suitable replacement for your existing one or how to install this product
    • Our friendly DHES customer service will do their best to address your inquiries; we strive to align with your expectation is aligned and help you in making the RIGHT FIRST TIME purchase decision
  • Tap Hammering Caused By Worn Out Cartridge

    • One possible root cause of tap hammering is due to worn out tap cartridge
    • See the YouTube video showcasing how the replacement of the faulty tap cartridge resolves the tap hammering issue