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Sunwa Analog Multimeter with Fuse and Diode Protection Front Cover
  • Designed to measure high resistance (up to max. of 20MΩ) with low voltage
  • Overload protection circuit provided
  • The circuit is protected by fuse
  • Dimensions: 148mm (L) x 100mm (w) x 35mm (H)


DC Voltage 

  • Range: 0.1-0.5-2.5-10-50-250-1000V
  • Accuracy at FSD: 3; (1000V, 5)
  • Sensitivity: 20kΩ /V
  • Extension: 25kV (With HV Probe extra)


AC Voltage 

  • Range: 10-50-250-1000V
  • Accuracy at FSD: 4; (1000V, 5)
  • Sensitivity: 9kΩ /V
  • Decibelmeter: -10 + 22dB


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