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DHES Stainless Steel A2 SS304 2mm Chain Link Anchor Chain Front Cover

Stainless steel chain link finds a wide range of applications across various industries due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and strength. Some common applications include fencing and enclosures, marine environments, industrial settings, decorative applications, security fencing, animal enclosures, sports facilities, greenhouse and agriculture applications and erosion control.

Stainless Steel A2 SS304: Offers excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in marine environments and outdoor applications where exposure to moisture and salt is common
Finishing: Consistent and smooth finish, free of any rough edges or imperfections, uniform colour throughout the chain
Tensile Strength: Individual links are well-constructed, strong and not break easily
Workmanship: The chain link design is consistent and symmetrical, have even spacing and uniformity in its design
Welding Points: Welding / joining points in the chain are smooth and barely noticeable to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted look
Cleaning and Maintenance: Does not tarnish or discolour easily; easy to clean with standard cleaning solutions without losing its shine or lustre

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DHES Stainless Steel A2 SS304 3mm Chain Link Anchor Chain

  • Customization

    • We provide customized solutions to tailor to specific chain length requirements / specifications
    • Kindly contact our friendly customer service to request for a quotation based on your specific requirement, where applicable
  • Best Practice Sharing

    • Regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance are recommended to ensure continued reliability and longevity