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Papaiz 60mm Master Key Non-Key Retaining Hardened Steel Brass Body Padlock Front Cover
  • Made in Brazil
  • Master Key System: A key that can used to open several locks, each of which also has its own unique key
  • Padlock body width: 60mm
  • Body: Solid brass with brushed finishing
  • Shackle: Chrome plated hardened steel for high resistance to attack
  • Spring loaded locking mechanism with key removable in locked and unlocked position
  • Brass pins, pick-resistance mushroom brass counterpins
  • Inox stainless steel shackle spring
  • Keys: Supplied with 2 nickel plated brass keys per padlock
  • By default, 4 pcs of padlocks will be accompanied with 1 Master Key (Free Of Charge)

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Papaiz 60mm Master Key Non-Key Retain Hardened Steel Shackle Brass Padlock

PriceFrom $44.95
  • Key Duplication

    • Duplicated keys are guaranteed to work i.e. able to open & lock the Papaiz padlock
    • Duplicated key(s) cannot be refunded
  • Customization

    • By default, Master Key to Number of Padlocks ratio is 1:4 
    • We provide a broad range of different Master Key to Number of Padlocks ratios i.e. 1: X where X is > 4 
    • Require more than 1 Master Key as spare? We are able to cater to your required quantity as well
    • Kindly contact our friendly customer service to request for a quotation based on your specific requirement, where applicable