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RJ London Chain Lubricant (150ml) Reduces Friction Prevents Corrosion Anti-Wear Front Cover

Design to promote the performance and longevity of various types of machinery, including bicycles, motorcycles, chainsaws, and industrial equipment

Made in Indonesia
Volume: 150ml per can


  • Reduced Friction: Reduces friction between the chain and the sprockets with which it interacts, helps to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear and tear
  • Resistance to Water and Dirt: Provides good resistance to water and dirt, does not get washed off easily in the rain or attract dust and grit, which can increase wear on the chain
  • Corrosion Protection: Contain anti-corrosion additives to protect the metal parts of the chain from rusting, especially in humid or wet conditions
  • Temperature Resistance: Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures without losing their lubricating properties, does not thin out excessively in high heat or thicken and lose effectiveness in cold conditions
  • Anti-Wear Additives: Helps to minimize the wear and tear on the chain and the sprocket, extending the lifespan of the machinery
  • Penetration Ability: Good penetration ability to reach all parts of the chain, including the inner parts of the rollers and pins
  • Stickiness: Sticky enough to remain on the chain during operation, but not so sticky that it attracts and holds onto excessive amounts of dust, dirt, or other debris
  • Ease of Application: Easy to apply, especially with the new 4-way spray head technology that allow for quick and even coverage over the surface
  • Environmentally Friendly: Lead free, ozone safe, no CFCs

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RJ London Chain Lubricant (150ml) Reduces Friction Prevents Corrosion Anti-Wear