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Viro 40mm Rectangle Satin Brass Padlock Lock Non-Key Retaining Made In Italy 302 Front Cover

Country of origin: Made in Italy

The Viro rectangle padlock makes it secure and highly resistant, in addition to giving it a classic look. Two offset latches guarantee the reliability and prevent the shackle from being pulled.

Key features:

  • Body: solid satin brass with rounded anti-abrasion edges
  • Standard Shackle: case-hardened and tempered steel for high resistance to attack, copper, nickel and chrome plated for high corrosion resistance
  • Latches: 2 spring loaded case-hardened, tempered and nickel-plated steel latches
  • Keys: Supplied with 2 nickel plated brass keys Viro Profile
  • Mechanism:
  1. Non-Key retaining (Key is removable, in locked and unlocked position)
  2. Brass pins
  3. Mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant
  4. Phosphor bronze pin springs
  5. D class steel latch spring
  6. D class steel shackle spring

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Viro 30mm Rectangle Satin Brass Padlock Lock Non-Key Retaining Made In Italy 301

  • Key Duplication

    • Duplicated keys are guaranteed to work i.e. able to open & lock the Viro padlock
    • Duplicated key(s) cannot be refunded
  • Add-On

    DHES Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Chain Customizable Chain Length

    • This is an optional add-on to enhance user's safety
    • Anchor the adjustable clip onto the padlock shackle and the other end of the chain onto the existing metal gate
    • From safety perspective, the risk of having the padlock dropping onto the ground or someone’s foot is greatly minimized
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